Accessibility Statement

 This website has been designed with both accessibility and usability in mind, you should therefore have no problems in viewing all of the information publicly accessible within this website. If however for whatever reason you feel you do have an accessibility issue with this website, or have any comments regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact me at any time and I will be pleased to help resolve any issue to allow you to fully participate in my website.

Accessibility Features

The following accessibility features have been incorporated throughout my website:

  • There is a text equivalent for every non-text element.
  • All documents are organised so that they can be read without style sheets.
  • When scripts such as javascripts are turned off all pages are still useable.
  • Relative units are used in fonts so that users can control the text size.
  • No pop-up or new windows are used without informing the user.
  • Navigation bars & mechanisms are used in a consistent manner.
  • Font and background colours have been chosen to allow best access to all text on the site.


If you have experienced any difficulty in a accessing any of the information on this website then please contact me and I will try to assist you.